Is diversity the key?

If you’re a beauty business owner, you’ve likely heard about the importance of Instagram in building an online presence and attracting new customers. And while many people focus on creating content, taking great photos and participating in conversations with digital followers, which are all important, there's another critical aspect that for many is also overlooked, which is being inclusive on your feed. Today, a lot of social media content promotes and markets to a single aesthetic, which limits your influence and reach! Being intentional about the marketing tools you use to curate your online presence is essential and trust us when we say that building toward inclusivity will only pay off for you (and drive more customers to try out your services!). So let's jump into what it takes to show up with authenticity AND make sure everyone feels welcomed!

First and foremost, let's talk about what it looks like to be inclusive online. Diversity is key — and not just in terms of the physical attributes of your customers. Representing different hair textures, lifestyles, ages, cultures, backgrounds and sexual orientations can be a great way to create more of an inclusive vibe on your feed.

Number two, Consider highlighting stories and customer reviews that feature those of different demographics. And don't forget to create diverse video content (e.g., tutorials or interviews) that showcase different types of people.

You can also focus on how you're interacting with customers — making sure to respond to inquiries, comments, and reviews in a timely and respectful manner regardless of any differing opinions expressed. Also, think about how you're promoting and celebrating diversity and inclusion behind the scenes. Make sure that your company culture reflects these values by having a diverse group of stylists with varying skill sets and finally, make sure that all your stylists are cross-trained which is a BONUS!!

The beauty industry is constantly changing and evolving; however, in my opinion, the one thing that should never change is how we serve the diverse members of our communities. I believe that as a salon owner, it is our responsibility to be conscious of every aspect of our business in order to ensure that our customers feel comfortable and appreciated. Curating an inclusive Instagram presence is a great way to showcase your values of acceptance and diversity by highlighting stories and customer reviews that feature those of different demographics. You should also assess your current styling team to ensure that everyone is cross-trained. If you focus on these actionable steps,.you’ll find that by promoting inclusivity in your Instagram your business and online presence has the potential to grow exponentially. Need more help in this area click here.

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