About Chrystal L.

I want to share a bit more about myself and the different hats I’ve worn throughout my career.

First, my overall goal is to help other hairstylists fulfill their dreams, whether it’s becoming an educator, starting their own product line, building a salon team or having the financial freedom to pursue the next stage in business.

Salon Owner

I’ve been a licensed beautypreneur for the past 11 years, but my passion for hair started when I was 12 years old.

I grew up doing my family’s hair and loved every minute of it. In 2004 I opened my own salon Chrystal L. Hair & Makeup in Columbia, Missouri.

I earned a six-figure income serving a population of less than 100,000 people thanks to strong referrals, doing all hair and a consistent branded presence on social media.

Through my salon, I met many clients of color.

These clients were often concerned about the lack of education opportunities for their children and grandchildren, despite living in a college town. But I knew that wasn’t the case - many of my other clients of color were doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, etc.

I wanted to bridge that gap and create a network so that young ladies who aspire to those careers could be connected with amazing women who were already in those roles.

In 2015 I co-founded the BOLD ACADEMY non-profit.

The Bold Academy mission is to support, nurture, and enhance the leadership skills of Black and Brown girls in Columbia. I’m extremely proud of the work and fundraising we’ve done. If you’re interested in supporting the mission, you can find more details by clicking the button below.

All Hair Educator

Finally, my passion for being an all-hair educator was fully sparked back in 2016, as I sat in a classroom and realized that none of the educators looked like me.

In fact, when classmates asked my instructor questions about textured hair, she ended up asking me to explain since I was the only stylist of color in the class!

I knew so many other stylists, some who look like me and some who didn’t, who all wanted to work with a more diverse clientele. They just didn’t have the background or didn’t know who could teach them.

In 2019 I launched All Hair Academy.

All Hair Academy began as a mastermind program for stylists who want to attract a diverse clientele and be confident working with any hair texture.

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I shared all this to show that we can achieve so many goals with enough motivation and the right support.

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