Question for you...

What if you could create an Inclusive Brand where everyone feels like they belong in your chair?

Most stylists and salons have excluded serving a large portion of the population whose hair doesn’t match the hair on their own head.

The problem is...

Can you imagine walking into a hair salon and walking right back out after learning that no one there can do your hair?

Unfortunately, this is a reality of so many women who have curly hair.

Earlier this month, I had a guest come in, who, at 38 years old, only found ONE hairstylist, ONCE, who would allow her to wear her hair in its natural state, with her curls poppin‘. ⁣

But that was until she found me on social media. She said she was so excited to see herself in my branding stories! ⁣

Because of people like her and stories like hers, I have devoted my entire career to learning about multiple textures, so no one ever feels turned away. ⁣

You are doing a dis-service to your clients & your salon.

Initially, we may create brands that mirror how we look and how the people we served in cosmetology school looked. A diverse brand isn’t just about representing different races. It also includes body types, gender, age, and people living with disabilities. Make sure they’re all represented in your visuals.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if together we could...

As an educator being able to support and connect other stylists to help their guests feel at home.

Give stylists the tools and resources they need to meet the needs of all hair clients.

Improve the skill sets to build up the confidence of the guests we serve.

If you want to learn how to create an Inclusive Brand and support your customers the best way possible, then I have something for you...

3 Steps to Creating An Inclusive Brand Where Everyone Feels Like They Belong in Your Chair

This mini course will walk you through creating a safe, inclusive beauty space.

    👉 You will be able to give your customers that really great feeling if you  have an Inclusive Beauty Space.

    👉 You will be able to attract more people since you are serving all people and all hair types, therefor increasing your revenue.

    👉 Being an ambassador for your local community.  Have the distinction that you are a Beauty Brand that is bringing awareness and supporting an all Inclusive space.
  • 3 Steps to Creating An Inclusive Brand Where Everyone Feels Like They Belong in Your Chair (Training) VALUED AT $297
  • BONUS - The Perfect Consultation Guide VALUED AT $149

TOTAL VALUE OF $446 and yours for ONLY $97

My name is Chrystal L. and I'm here to teach you how to #diversifytomultiply your business.

I grew my 6-figure business to be 100% fully booked over the past 8 years while achieving a 91% retention rate  - all by only working 30 hours behind the chair for 4 days a week -  in a city of less than 100,000 people. If scaling your business feels impossible, there’s actually an easier, more supportive way to scale with simplicity. 

Become a beauty ambassador for inclusivity in your community. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Discover the best way to set up your business systems that keep you profitable and productive, whether you’re a salon owner, booth renter, suite owner or commissioned stylist. 

Hone in on a hair specialty and scale this expertise with a variety of clients, and create a welcoming client experience for guests with curly or straight textured hair.

There are no other hairstylist programs providing a complete understanding of DEI steps AND training.

I wanted to create a welcoming environment to everyone and perfect my skills as a hairdresser. I felt excited before Chrystal's "All Hair Textures Workshop" and excited after as well. Connecting the community felt inspiring and refreshing. The most valuable thing I learned was creating a system with every hair type and service is important.

Chris M.

Commissioned Stylist

It was my first time at this salon and I was not disappointed.  If you have curly hair, that's the place to go.  Chrystal was very nice and gave me a lot of tips about how to care for my curly hair and how to style it, including product recommendations.  I was very satisfied with the results and the experience.

Melissa Z.



As part of becoming certified in DEI training, we will review educational AND implementation topics such as:

- Understanding and managing unconscious bias
- Inclusive Hiring & Leadership and Creating an inclusive culture
- Key diversity categories and related topics
- How to implement DEI practices for yourself and your team
- How to establish yourself as a DEI ambassador within your community 

This program is for you if you're a:

Make-up artist or hairstylist who has honed in on a specialty (colorist, educator, texture) and wants to scale this expertise by working with a variety of clients;

Beauty pro who wants to create a welcoming client experience for guests with curly textured hair. You’re dedicated to helping your clients feel confident about themselves;

If you're new in the industry, you'll discover the right way to set up your business systems; or

If you’re an industry expert, you’ll be able to expand your portfolio and become a community beauty ambassador for inclusivity. 

All payments are non-refundable as this is a digital course and you have access to the content right away. You will have access to all the content for life.  This is a one-time fee.

  • 3 Steps to Creating An Inclusive Brand Where Everyone Feels Like They Belong in Your Chair (Training) VALUED AT $297
  • BONUS - The Perfect Consultation Guide VALUED AT $149

TOTAL VALUE OF $446 and yours for ONLY $97

This mini course is an asset for you and your Beauty Brand.  This will help you on creating an Inclusive space where your customers feel welcomed, listed too and that they feel comfortable knowing that you can serve all hair types.

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