Suite Life: What I Wish I Knew Before I Opened My First Salon Suite

In this exact moment, I can honestly say that I‘ve learned more, experienced more, and discovered more than I originally knew before I opened my first Salon Suite.  

As a Salon Suite Owner, there are three top things that I want to share with my fellow hairstylists today—the Things I Wish I Knew:  

#1) I wish I understood all of my numbers and my overhead. In a business with a physical address, there are variable and fixed costs. It‘s important to understand what‘s NOT going to change every month, like your light, your rent, your back-bar expenses, your marketing, and any sort of overhead costs for accounting, etc. Using a tool like Salon Scale ( will help this process be so much easier!  

#2) I wish I had known how and where to find all of the amazing storage items from the get-go. Since suites are super small, your power lies in multi-use accessories and furniture! If you see something you can use in your day-to-day that also has storage in it, then it‘s a serious WIN! IKEA has some amazing storage options. That would be one of the biggest things I would recommend.

#3) I wish I had known to maximize my space! If I am an individual working (only) three to five days a week—and NOT seven, I need to figure out how I can maximize the space when my chair is not being used!

For that, there are a few options. One is bringing on a commission stylist, which I'm currently doing. You have another stylist that comes in who is an employee, and you pay them a commission rate to help them build their books.

Then eventually, they can go into Chair Rental, which is another option for maximizing your space—this means they are a Booth Renter. You can provide them with a Back Bar Fee and a Day Rate. This can help maximize the potential of your earnings when being a Suite Owner.

Something interest you to implement into your Salon Suite? Hit REPLY or DM Me to know more about any of these three tips!

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