How to successfully do a price increase -The first time I raised my prices

Word on the street is that you should be raising your prices.  Right now everyone should be doing a price increase.

 Is that true… I don’t know!  

I invite you to get curious about what it means for you and your business to raise your prices.

The first thing to look at is the profit margin.

You need to look at your profit margin and the cost of the goods and services.  Has the cost gone up in the things that you are purchasing?  You need to know these numbers first to calculate if you are making the money you want.

When is the last time you gave yourself a raise?

Are you making enough money to live and survive comfortably?  You deserve a raise and you are the only one that can do this.  So give yourself that raise you to deserve.

How far are you booked out?

Are you currently booked out so far that you currently can't get anyone in? Or do you have a lot of holes in your schedule and space for people to get in.

What value are you adding to your customers?

Are you giving your customers everything that they are paying for or are you giving them more than they are paying for?  Look at your perceived experience.  Determine what you are giving your customers. Once you look at all those things you can determine if you should do a price increase.  Now those things have so many components in them and I want to help you dive deeper.  I want to do this with you on an individual basis so that you and I can work through if it is time for a price increase.

So how do you do this?

The best way is to join me in the 5-day Raise Your Rates Challenge.  By the end of this challenge, you will know if it is time to raise your rates or not.  But more importantly, you will know what it costs to run your business, know if you are charging enough for all or none of your services and you will have a roadmap to confidently raise your prices.

Join me in the Raise Your Rates Challenge.   

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