Blog How to prevent EVER having a BrideZilla

When it comes to a bride's most memorable day of her life, it's no secret that there's so much pressure to be perfect.

Although infamous for making matters worse, bridezillas often come to light when things continuously aren't going as planned.

But when you have a process that works, you can reduce the risk of a bridezilla emerging along the way. After working in weddings for years, I have developed a foolproof system that works great for weddings every time.

1) Make sure you're making the most money:  

When it comes to a business, you want to be profitable—which you can earn an extra 30 percent of when you have a team behind you. If your pricing is correct you can all make an additional 15-30% on a wedding date with half of the number of hours that you would spend behind the chair.  

2) Set the tone and portray confidence:

To avoid a Bridezilla, you need to exude confidence in your craft. By establishing proper expectations, using defined systems for communication, and empathizing with the bride, you can reduce their big day anxiety.

3) Slay on updos:  

When you're able to perfect your craft for wedding hairstyles on all hair textures and shapes, your portfolio and skills will speak for themselves, creating a space where every bride feels like she belongs.  

4) Use your time wisely:

By perfecting your process for the wedding day, you can quickly finish and then practice your wedding styles throughout the week when you're behind the chair.  

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